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EMERY is the most advanced air purification system on the planet. A Healthy Home Begins with a Healthy Air. The EMERY is operatable with Touch and Remote control. You can also connect with WIFI and control it with Tuya Smart APP. The EMERY is a Medical grade Air Purification unit with Eight (8) stages of high-efficiency filtration. The Primary filter, Middle Filter, Antibacterial peptide layer, and H13 true HEPA composite filter the air to remove all the bacteria and particles. As per the ASHRAE 62.1 Standard, the separated activated carbon filter absorbs all the odors and gases present in the air. The Polymerization Catalyst Titanium dioxide Coated, LED(Zero Ozone)UVc lamp and 140 Million Ions double Negative Ion generators works to sterilize and refresh the air completely almost 99.99%. Emery complies with the maximum allowable concentration of ozone of 0.050 parts per million by volume (ppmv) in a 24-h period.

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Emery is the most advanced medical-grade air purifier. It can remove 99.99% of air-born bacterias. When you plugin Emery, it immediately starts working. It captures all the dust and other irritants into an air purifier by the fan. When Emery is started and the motor is running, all the indoor air will be drawn through the air intake holes. Once air gets inside, the Emery starts filtering it through its eight stages of filtration. The air pass through all the filters which are the HEPA composite filter, the active carbon filter and the UV sterilization.  Once, the air is purified, it is released through the air outlet on top of the Emery. The Negative Ion Generators near the air outlet release revitalizing Anions into the air to refresh the air. With Emery, you can achieve the Absolute Indoor Air Quality which is up to 99.9% of free of bacterias and other particles. Emery makes breathing easier and healthier.


Eight Stages of Air Purification in EMERY:

  1. Primary filter
  2. Middle Filter
  3. Antibacterial peptide layer
  4. High-efficiency HEPA 13 filter
  5. Active Carbon filter
  6. Polymerization Catalyst Titanium dioxide Coated (TiO2).
  7. 40W LED Zero Ozone Germicidal UV Lamp.
  8. 140Million cm³ Double Negative ion sterilization.

Specifications and Features of EMERY:

Model Name Emery (A750-UV-AA)
Voltage/Frequency AC 110~120V 60HZ
Rated Power 85 Watts
Noise (Measure at 6ft) 28~58 dB(A)
CADR for particulates 750 m³/h – 441.4 CFM
CADR For formaldehyde 200 m³/h – 117.7 CFM
Applicable Area 452~775 Square feet (42~72 sqm)
Dimensions (Diameter * H) 12 Inches × 32 Inches (30cm×80.6cm)
Net weight 11 kg – 24.25 Ib
LED(Zero Ozone) UVc Lamp 40W
Negative Ion 140(2*70 million cm³)
Wind Speed Comfort – Standard – Turbo – Double turbo – Auto
 Sensors Laser dust sensor / Humidity & Temperature sensor / TVOC odor sensor
Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 80.6 cm

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